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How to Fix Gearsec Exe Error

How to Fix Gearsec Exe Error
Gearsec.exe is an important file that is used by the operating system of your PC and is important in executing programs of Windows, Symbian and DOS operating system. Removal, deletion or damage caused to this important files results in Gearsec.exe error in your system. The error causes poor performance and degrades the features of your PC.
Causes of this error
This error is mainly caused due to outdated drivers that are incompatible with the system. It also modifies the registry settings of the operating system. Registry is an important component of windows that acts as a database and maintains the list of entire program files and library. Corruption or damage to the registry settings may hamper the performance and result in system crash. Removal, deletion and damaged.exe files results in the above error. Moreover virus and spyware infection has also been stated to be responsible for this error that is commonly displayed as:
• "Gearsec.exe-Application error"
• "Gearsec.exe could not be launched"
The error causes your system's degraded performance with the risk of data loss. If this error is not fixed, it may lead to severe PC damage with system crash. Thus it is important to fix this error immediately as mentioned below:
In order to fix Gearsec.exe error manually, you need to update your drivers and install the missing exe files on your system. It is also important to clean the registry entries by deleting them permanently from your system. You should never attempt to perform registry cleaning task, if you are not an expert as it may severely damage the PC.
Rather, it is recommended to opt for Gearsec.exe error removal tool to fix this error automatically. It effectively scans the registry settings of your system as well as removes spyware and virus infection from your PC and gets rid of this error easily.
Gearsec.exe error has a severe impact on your PC and it is important to fix Gearsec.exe error to prevent system crash and limit loss of data.

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Fix Wscntfy Exe Error Completely From System

Wscntfy.exe that also stands for Windows Security Center Notification is a Microsoft Windows security application which is associated with Windows security Center. It helps in maintaining systems security settings on your system. It checks that all the firewall, automatic updates, antivirus applications are working the perfectly in the system.
Location and the size of the file in the system:
This file is generally located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Normally the size of file is 13,824 bytes but the file size is also found in the range of 23,040 bytes and 17,408 byte size. It is a vital windows application for better performance of the system. It is required for maintaining security settings in a better way.
Also this is a reliable and safe file but it is also not left with corruption issues or may get infected with virus and malwares. In some situation some malicious programs like viruses and Trojan horses add the infected version the same file in the system. Some of the malicious programs that may infect wscntfy.exe file in the system are Troj/Banker-FZ, Troj/Tanto-H, W32/Spelit-A and W32/Agobot-AHT.
Some of the error messages related with this file are:
"The install Shield engine "wscntfy.exe" could not be launched - Error loading type library /dll."
"wscntfy.exe - Application Error The instruction at "0x6xxxxxxx" referenced memory at "0X6xxxxxxx". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program."
"wscntfy.exe System Error, Object Name not found"
Causes of the error:
• Missing of wscntfy.exe file.
• Corruption of windows registries.
• Malware or virus infection in the system.
• Improper installation and uninstallation of the program or application
• Broken password list.
Occurrence of this error message on the system shows that something wrong has happened to the system or there are some serious issues with your system. The error results in critical issues and slow performance of the system. If the error is left unfixed it may lead to complete system crash. To avoid any further damage to the system fix wscntfy.exe error from your system completely.
You can go for manual method of removal but removing the error manually is not suggested as it is a very technical process and requires lots of attention as any mistake during the process may cause serious damage to the system, Apart from this you can easily fix the error using automatic fix tool. For more information please visit the link mentioned below.
Fix Wscntfy.exe error immediately from your system to avoid any further damage to the system.

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Fixing the Pctssvc Exe Error - Steps to Solution

Fixing the Pctssvc Exe Error - Steps to Solution
Pctssvc.exe is a well known computer file which is installed as part of Spyware Doctor; this is made by PC Tools and is a very popular spyware removal tool.
What are the Causes of pctssvc.exe Error
The pctssvc.exe error is very common and most people with a computer will experience this. The biggest problem that people have is because the process consumes huge amounts of memory. The program uses 28MB of your computer's memory and this can mean that your computer will stop responding even if you have a brand new computer.
Curing the pctssvc.exe error
You need to find out about the individual cause of the pctssvc.exe error before you can hope to cure the problem.
You should start by uninstalling spyware doctor; this can be done using the Add or Remove function in the control panel. When the software has been removed from your computer you then need to reinstall it so that it can be used again.
Updating the Software
If you're still interested in using PC Tools software then you need to update it to prevent this problem affecting you in the future. You can download patches and new versions of the software by visiting the PC Tools website.
Resolving Conflicts
Some of the most common causes of this error is because of conflicts with some other virus scanners. If there is more than one virus scanner on your computer then this could be another cause of the pctssvc.exe error. Remove any virus applications that you aren't using at the moment. If you do want to use more than one virus scanner then make sure that only one is set to run automatically.
Want to fix the pctssvc.exe error? Click here for the best registry cleaners reviews.

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Rectifying the Spoolsv.exe Error

Computers can be affected by all sorts of problems and errors that's why it's important to deal with them as quickly as possible. The Spoolsv.exe is a very common computer error which relates in a problem printing.
Causes of the Spoolsv.exe Error
The Spoolsv.exe error is caused by a number of different things, it's normally caused as a result of the spool directory becoming full of a lot of SHD or SPL files which need to be removed. These are normal files however if they are not removed then they can damage the process.
There are also lots of different infections which can create problems. Viruses or Spyware can create the Spoolsv.exe error which is why you also need a virus scanner.
Solving the Spoolsv.exe Error
To fix the Spoolsv.exe error you will first need to take a look at the exact causes of the problem. If it's because of too many spooler files on your computer then you will need to stop the printer service and then delete the SHD and SPL files on your computer.
Another quick way of restoring the error is to use system restore. System restore makes it possible to revert your computer back to a time when it all worked properly.
A virus scanner is an essential part of your arsenal because it will help to arm you against any threats which can sometimes result in errors like the Spoolsv.exe error. A firewall is another important tool used to secure your computer and protect you from danger.
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Click Here To Learn More About the Spoolsv.exe Error.

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Iexplore Exe Error - How to Fix Iexplore Exe Application Error

Internet explorer is one of the most important needs of people these days. But, sometimes users get to see messages like the "iexplore exe application error". This error can be caused by many problems like logging on the system with a restrained user account. Then the browser help objects or BHO will try to reach the files stored in the system and then change them. Since it cannot change them, the internet explorer crashes down and hence the error message is displayed.
The Iexplore.exe registry entry is used for exploring the internet when a URL is written in the address bar. This registry entry is stored in windows registry where all the data for running the computer and various user profiles is stored. Uninstalling a browser help object is the right thing to do for making the internet work again.
Initially, you might not be aware of the BHO, which has caused internet to stop working in the iexplore exe error. However, once you discover it, it is better to eliminate it and restore all the other BHOs because trouble will be caused in using the internet. It is also necessary that the users reinstall the BHOS' while using the sites that require the ActiveX controls to be installed for using them. However, make sure that you don't activate the BHO that was causing the "iexplore exe application error" message to be generated.
If a large amount of memory and CPU storage has been occupied by the internet explorer file, then it can also cause such errors. To fix such errors, insert your CD/DVD in a disk and then initiate the scan now instruction. This will amend any modified files.
The internet explorer entry could also have been corrupted by malware containing viruses, which had been installed on the system during surfing. So, surf safely with anti-virus software so that no such malware is installed which can cause an iexplore exe error.
The last and most reliable way to fix iexplore exe application error is making good use of windows registry cleaner software. A windows registry can help to clear the improper internet registry file from the registry and make sure that the iexplore exe error does not occur. Such deletions will be done safely without causing any harm to the important registry entries which if happens can also cause problems with the performance of the PC. The registry scan should be done for a single time in a month so that all the errors can be recognized and deleted.
Fix Iexplore Exe Application Error is easy to do with registry cleaner. If you Scan Your Computer it will detect all the errors in your registry and safely remove them.


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